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DVD Review: “The Beast (The Complete First Season)”

(Sony. 3 Discs. 13 episodes. Color. Various directors.) Patrick Swayze (Charles Barker), Travis Fimmel (Ellis Dove), Lindsay Pulsipher (Rose Lawrence), Kevin J. O’Connor (Conrad), Larry Gilliard (Ray). Theme by W.G. "Snuffy" Walden.

OK series only made it through half a season before it was cancelled, probably due to the health of star Swayze, now 57 and still battling pancreatic cancer as of this writing. The Houston native holds up pretty well here despite having lost weight (he’s more head than body now). As far as the premise (veteran FBI undercover agent takes on young, green partner), I thought “just another cop show.” That is, until the first episode had Swayze fire a missile launcher down the middle of a city street to impress a weapons fence. That got my attention. Fimmel’s the ex-Calvin-Klein underwear model and star of the short-lived Tarzan series from a few years back. Tension mounts as his character’s asked to participate in an FBI investigation of his partner. The show’s also good at illustrating how tough it is for guys like this to maintain personal relationships; it’s best at showcasing the loneliness beneath an agent’s tough façade. Worth a look. No extras.