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DVD Review: “These Old Broads”

(Sony. 2001/2009. 1 hour, 29 minutes. Not Rated. Color. Directed by Matthew Diamond.) Shirley MacLaine (Kate Westbourne), Debbie Reynolds (Piper Grayson), Joan Collins (Addie Holden), Elizabeth Taylor (Beryl Mason), Jonathan Silverman (Wesley Westbourne), Pat Crawford Brown (Miriam Hodges), Nestor Carbonell (Gavin).

“They’re Back!” When a ’60s musical, Boy Crazy, is rereleased and becomes a cult hit, a producer decides to reunite the three stars (MacLaine, Reynolds, Collins) after 40 years for a TV special. Only one problem: they hate each other. Tossed into this wacky mix is Silverman (who seems to be in the wrong picture) as MacLaine’s estranged son who tries to direct the thing. We’ve also got Pat Harrington (yes, “Schneider” from One Day at a Time) as Collins’ gangster lover; Peter Graves as Reynolds’ husband; and Gene Barry (Burke’s Law) pops up but I can’t remember why. Must be a senior moment.

Oh yes, Dame Elizabeth is the pot-smoking, loudmouth agent of the three squabbling gals (what’s with that horrible “Noo Yawk” accent, Liz?). She’s only in this thing for about 5 minutes, which makes her one of the lucky ones. (A lot of folks passed on this, including Lauren Bacall, Julie Andrews, June Allyson, and Tony Curtis.) Written by Carrie Fisher, Reynolds’ real-life daughter, who does a fair job of spoofing these ladies’ images (Reynolds the goody-two-shoes; Collins the femme fatale; MacLaine the New Ager). If you are old enough to be familiar with their lives and careers, you’ll enjoy the image send-ups. Otherwise there’s no real reason to watch these old broads, or guys. Unless “Schneider” on top of “Alexis” is your idea of entertainment.