The Front Row

The Front Row, Thursday, 08/27/2009

Artist James Surls speaks about the history of the Lawndale Art Center, which he founded three decades ago, and which he'll discuss at greater length in a talk, Lawndale from 1979. And, we look at the latest creations of three of the Houston-based visual artists whose most recent work is included in Lawndale's 30th-Anniversary Exhibition…

Fran MacFerran is President and Executive Director of the Houston Music Hall Foundation, the organization that manages Houston’s Hobby Center.   He speaks with TFR producer, Bob Stevenson about the upcomming season of performances on the Hobby Center’s Uniquely Houston Series. The Hobby Center is one of the nine performing-arts organizations that are the prime tenants of downtown Houston’s Theater District, and that plan and host the annual Theater District Open House, the 16th edition of which takes place this Sunday from 12:00PM-4:00PM. Listen Download

Sculptor James Surls was at the University of Houston in 1979 when he established and served as the first director of the alternative art space, the Lawndale Art Center. As part of the Center’s celebration of its 30th Anniversary, James Surls discusses its founding and early history, in a talk he’ll give this evening at 6:00PM at Lawndale, which is located along the section of Main Street where Mid-town becomes the Museum District. Following Mister Surls’s talk, Lawndale from 1979, there will be a reception at the Barbara Davis Gallery on Montrose Boulevard, between Richmond and the Southwest Freeway, where an exhibition of James Surls’s most recent work, From 2009, is on view through August 29th. Admission to both events is free. Surls talks about his days at Lawndale with KUHF’s St. John Flynn. Listen Download  Extended Interview

TFR Producer Bob Stevenson heads over to the Lawndale Art Center to chat with artists Mark Schatz, Emily Sloan and Elaine Bradford. They are three of the six Houston-based artists whose latest creations are included in the Lawndale Art Center‘s official Thirtieth Anniversary Exhibition, on view through September 26th. Lawndale’s alternative art space is located in a lovingly-restored Art Deco Building on Main Street, on the side of the Houston Museum District that looks toward downtown; admission is free. Listen Download