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The Front Row

The Front Row, Friday, 7/24/2009

Singer-songwriter Bobby Bridger performs tunes from A Ballad of the West and chats about his new DVD & autobiography! Best-selling author Daniel Silva talks about his recent thriler, The Defector. And we meet renowned Brooklyn-based artist Leonardo Drew.


Artist Leonardo Drew shows producer Bob Stevenson Existed, the first mid-career survey of his work that incorporates the detritus of everyday life, on view through August 15 at the University of Houston’s Blaffer Gallery[Picture: close-up of “Number 43”; fabric, wood, rust; 132 x 288 x 7 inches; 1995; photo courtesy of www.leonardodrew.comListen  Download  **Extended Interview**

Bob Stevenson hosts a studio session with folksinger-artist-writer Bobby Bridger, who performs songs from his one-man show, A Ballad of the West, recently released as a concert-version DVD.  Mr. Bridger also shares anecdotes from his new autobiography, BridgerListen  Download  **Extended Interview**

KUHF’s Rod Rice talks to New York Times-bestselling novelist & former CNN journalist Daniel Silva about his new “Gabriel Allon” thriller, The DefectorListen  Download

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Catherine Lu

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