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DVD Review: “The Mod Squad (Season 2, Volume 2)”

(Paramount. 1970/2009. 3 discs. Not Rated. 663 minutes. Various directors.) Michael Cole, Clarence Williams III, Peggy Lipton, Tige Andrews. Theme by Earle Hagen.

Popular crime drama featuring three “kids” as undercover cops was the first big hit for producer Aaron Spelling (co-producer was Danny Thomas). Cole is rich kid Pete Cochran; Williams is Watts-riots-veteran Linc; and Lipton is runaway Julie. Miniskirts, Afros, and Carnaby Street gear abound. “Gear” is what we called clothes in those days. The young cops’ relationship with Captain Greer (Andrews) could be thorny, but they cared about each other. As always it’s fun to see future famous actors in guest roles. Look for Margot Kidder as an old girlfriend of Pete’s, and Richard Dreyfuss was just starting out in those days. An interesting episode has flashback scenes from the first two years of the show while Linc is fighting to stay alive. One thing I noticed in this edition: the three young cops take things pretty seriously; they certainly don’t smile much. Hey, on Starsky and Hutch (another Spelling production which came along a few years later), the boys had some fun from time to time, but they did have Huggy Bear’s wardrobe to make fun of.