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Film Review: “Drag Me to Hell”

(Universal Pictures. 1 hour, 39 minutes. PG-13 for sequences of horror violence, terror, disturbing images and language. Directed by Sam Raimi.) Alison Lohman (Christine Brown), Justin Long (Clay Dalton), Lorna Raver (Mrs. Ganush), Dileep Rao (Rham Jas), David Paymer (Mr. Jacks), Adriana Barraza (Shaun San Dena). Music by Christopher Young.

In an attempt to curry favor with her boss, Christine (Lohman) denies an old gypsy woman’s (Raver) request for an extension on her mortgage. Enraged, the old woman puts a curse on her, leaving Christine and her boyfriend (Long) to seek the help of mystic Rham Jas (Rao) to defeat the evil spirit seeking to claim her soul. A welcome return to the horror genre for Raimi, and a pretty decent horror film to boot. Raimi stays true to his previous form, as this movie walks the fine line between funny and menacing, and smacks a bit of Evil Dead 2 (though no chainsaw hands this time). The writing is good, the special effects are well presented and the cast performs as expected. While the lamia (a goat-headed spirit that claims the souls of the accursed) is convincingly presented as this ominous, unstoppable force, the real horror comes from the terrible things Christine does to save herself. The ending, though somewhat expected, is still pretty satisfying. The only real complaint I have is the casting of Justin Long as a history professor/coin collector. It just doesn’t parse. Don’t call it a comeback.


Jared Counts

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