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Blu-Ray Review: “Roxanne”

(Sony. 1987/2009. Widescreen. Color. 107 minutes. Directed by Fred Schepisi.) Steve Martin (C.D. ‘Charlie’ Bales), Daryl Hannah (Roxanne Kowalski), Rick Rossavich (Chris McConnell), Shelley Duvall (Dixie), John Kapelos (Chuck), Fred Willard (Mayor Deebs). Music by Bruce Smeaton.

In a modern retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac, Steve Martin plays Charlie, a gregarious but large-nosed fire chief in a small mountain town. He falls for Roxanne (Hannah), a visiting astronomer, who is more interested in the attractive but girl-shy new fireman Chris (Rossavich). After Chris enlists Charlie’s help to woo Roxanne, she eventually realizes that the man she has come to love is actually Charlie. An above-average rom com that is thoroughly buoyed by Martin. The cast is competent and likeable enough, but it’s Martin’s verbal and physical gifts that really carry the film. C.D.’s most prominent physical gift (his oversized nose) lends a very relatable edge of self-consciousness and doubt to an otherwise over-the-top character who is, at times, a lover, a fighter, an acrobat and a poet. It also feeds into the humor of the film, including the classic “20 insults” scene.

Hannah provides a good romantic foil to C.D.’s quirkiness, and Rossavich is endearingly bumbling (at least until he tries to talk to Roxanne by himself). With the exception of Hannah’s hairdo, this film has aged surprisingly well, though it does serve as a poignant reminder of how good Martin’s movies used to be. On the technical side, the Blu-ray transfer is beautiful, and really highlights the idyllic scenery. However, the disc is very light on features, sporting a couple of trailers and the BD Live feature (which allows you access to…more trailers). Come for the literary bent, stay for Steve.


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