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The Front Row

The Front Row, Monday, 2/23/2009

Comedian and comedy writer Larry Wilmore, the “Senior Black Correspondent” on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, offers his perspective on the country’s election of its first African-American President…how to pick an “Angry Black Church” thats just right for you…and other “Black Thouhts”, as he tours the country on behalf of his new book, I’d Rather We Got Casinos. He chats with The Front Row’s Bob Stevenson…

Victor Kendall (flute), Chris Johnson (violin), Shino Hayahi (cello), and Rodlfo Morales are all members of the KUHF Chamber Ensemble. They gather in Studio 3-C for a preview of tonight’s concert of chamber music by American composers. Listen. Download.

“Senior Black Correspondent” Larry Wilmore of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart chats with KUHF’s Bob Stevenson. He is author of the book, I’d Rather We Got Casinos and Other Black Thoughts and is in Houston for an event presented by The Progressive Forum. Listen. Download.

Actors Chris Rivera (Edward Kynaston) and Sara Jo Dunstan (Nell Gwynn) chat with KUHF’s Chris Johnson about the current Mildred’s Umbrella Theatre production of Jeffrey Hatcher’s play Compleat Female Stage Beauty. Listen. Download.