The Front Row

The Front Row, Friday, 1/16/2009

Rising, young mezzo-soprano Jennifer Johnson is a member of the Young Artists Development Program at The Metropolitan Opera and sings Water Music in the KUHF Performance Studio in anticipation of concert this Sunday afternoon at Epiphany Episcopal Church…

Matthew Coolidge is the founder and director of the Center for Land Use Interpritation. He speaks with KUHF’s Bob Stevenson about research project and exhibition held in collaboration with the University of Houston’s Mitchell Center for the Arts called Texas Oil: Landscape of an Industry. Listen. Download.

Rising, young, mezzo-soprano Jennifer Johnson sings excerpts from her upcoming recital in the KUHF Performance Studio. She is accompanied by Robert Brewer ina  performance session hosted by St. John Flynn. Listen. Download.

Denis Dutton
is an art philosopher and author of the the book The Art Instinct: Beauty Pleasure and Human Evolution. He talks about his book with TFR Producer Bob Stevenson. Listen. Download.