The Front Row

The Front Row, Friday, 10/27/2008

Alecia Lawyer and Robert Simpson share with us about the two Day of the Dead Concerts presented by the combined their ensembles and we chat with pianist Rodney Waters about the next concert on the St. Cecelia Chamber Music Society…

Pianist Rodney Waters is the curator and organizer for the first concert of the season for the St. Cecilia Chamber Music Society. He talks with Catherine Lu about the program called Hot Czechs. Download.

John Meier is a Master’s Degree candidate at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music and will present an hour-long work for organ by Olivier Messiaen as part of the series of concerts called Olivier Messiaen: Music of Heaven and Earth. He talks about the program with TFR Producer Bob Stevenson. Download

Alecia Lawyer is the Founder and Artistic Director of the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra. Robert Simpson is the Founding Artistic Director of the Houston Chamber Choir. They both speak with TFR host St. John Flynn about the two Day of the Dead Concerts that their ensembles will present this week. Download.