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DVD Review: “The Partridge Family (The Complete Third Season)”

(Sony. 1970-71. Not Rated. 3 Discs. 25 episodes. 10 hours, 43 minutes. Various directors.) Shirley Jones (Shirley Partridge), Danny Bonaduce (Danny), David Cassidy (Keith), Susan Dey (Laurie), Dave Madden (Reuben Kincaid), Suzanne Crough (Tracy), Brian Forster (Chris). Theme ("C’mon Get Happy") by Wes Farrell & Danny Janssen.

“I think I love you…” The DVD cover blurb calls him “America’s original idol.” Not exactly, but David Cassidy was the heartthrob during my high school years. He wasn’t mine (though he had nice hair). In those days I enjoyed the show more for Bonaduce, a natural performer and put-down artist (his troubles in recent years notwithstanding). Show was inspired by the real-life 60s singing family The Cowsills, also headed by a mother with a bunch of talented kids. The Partridges are of interest today primarily for the kids’ zingers, and the candy-colored pop costumes and sets (and don’t forget that crazy bus). Jones is Cassidy’s real-life stepmother; reportedly each didn’t know the other was trying out for the show until they both showed up at the audition. Songs seem a bit dated and cut from the same cloth: I can understand why Cassidy was chafing to get away from all those innocuous pop numbers. No extras to speak of.