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Film Review: “Religulous”

(Lionsgate. 1 hour, 41 minutes. Rated R for some language and sexual material. Directed by Larry Charles.) Bill Maher, Tal Bachman, Larry Charles.

Religulous (a combination of “religion” and “ridiculous”) is the product of Bill Maher and Borat director Larry Charles asking the question of why people believe what they believe. For the most part, Maher does a good job of playing the skeptic in a realm of absolute certainty, but he can be a bit overbearing, talking over or cutting off the people he’s interviewing. He doesn’t really play fair either, throwing in the occassional film clip or subtitle to make a point. However, I think those jabs are some of the funniest parts of the movie. He covers the major religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) and some of the smaller ones (Mormonism, Scientology, etc.), while asking some very interesting questions and providing some pointed reinterpretations. If watched with an open mind, it could lead to some good conversation. Keep an eye out for the two old men at the Vatican (a senior priest and an astronomer), as those two are particularly entertaining. The ending left me uncomfortable, especially as it took a “fire and brimstone” approach to a thesis the film never really proves. A funny, if haphazard, look at modern religion.