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Classical 91.7-Arte Público Press Author of the Month: Victor Villaseñor

Author Victor Villaseñor has been selected as this month’s Classical 91.7/Arte Público Press Author of the Month. In the next installment of a series of monthly features, Classical 91.7’s Eric Ladau spoke with Mr. Villaseñor.


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Victor Villaseñor is a writer whose works have brought Mexican-American culture and literature to a wide audience. He is the author of the highly acclaimed best-sellers, Burro Genius (Rayo, 2004); Rain of Gold (Arte Público Press, 1991), which details the saga of his family’s immigration to the U.S. from Mexico; and Thirteen Senses: A Memoir (Rayo, 2002).  His other non-fiction works include Wild Steps of Heaven (Delta Books, 1995), Jury: The People vs. Juan Corona (Little Brown and Company, 1976), and the screenplay for the award-winning film The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez.

Crazy Loco LoveVictor’s latest book is Crazy Loco Love, a compelling memoir of his adolescent search for meaning and identity. In this new work, Villaseñor deftly undermines the macho stereotype so often associated with Latinos, while exposing the tender vulnerability and naiveté of a young man grappling with his own sexuality and spirituality. Kirkus Reviews says, “Readers will find Crazy Loco Love a departure in a new direction, for now the author, revisiting his late-adolescent self, becomes exceedingly interested in matters of the flesh.”

Victor’s youthful misadventures chronicled in this intensely revealing memoir will elicit sympathy, laughter, and tears as he recounts attempts to divine the mysteries of the opposite sex. And it’s during those formative years that Villaseñor sets upon a painful quest to find his place in a world he didn’t fit into. His journey takes him to Mexico, where he learns that Mexicans are smart and successful; they are architects, professors, and artists. Most importantly, he meets an older woman who cultivates in him a deeper understanding of his own intellectual capacity and helps him see the world—and his place in it—in a whole new way. This revelation allows him to appreciate his own potential and realize his dreams of making a difference in the world through writing.

Villaseñor lives in Oceanside, California, where he continues to write.

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In the next installment of a series of monthly features, Classical 91.7’s Eric Ladau spoke with Mr. Villaseñor about his works.