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DVD Review: “Short Takes, Vol. 1”

In this inaugural edition of Regina’s Short Takes, Regina catches up on Perry Mason, The Untouchables and Quantum Hoops: The Caltech Basketball Story.

Perry Mason: Season Three, Volume One (CBS/Paramount). 12 more episodes starring everyone’s favorite defense attorney. Many Mason fans are grousing about the slow speed of Paramount’s release schedule. Hey, slow Perry is better than no Perry. And Barbara Hale is starting to get more than one line per episode. Quantum Hoops: The Caltech Basketball Story (Green Forest Films). Brainiac men’s team finally breaks 21-year losing streak. Narrated by basketball fan, alien chaser, brainy guy, and current Showtime rogue David Duchovny. The Untouchables: Season Two, Volume Two (CBS/Paramount). Robert Stack and his G-Men are back, still tangling with Al Capone and Prohibition gangsters in Chicago. Look for “The Lily Dallas Story,” about a ruthless female gang leader.