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The Front Row

The Front Row, Wednesday, 8/06/2008

Today we speak with Rosemary Poole-Carter and Cynthia Greenwood, two of the Houston-area writers who will be featured at the Brazos Bookstore's first semi-annual Local Authors Day on Saturday. We chat also with John Dunn, Brandon Dinklage and Sanjay Mediwala about this Saturday's second annual Madcap 24 Festival

Rosemary Poole-Carter’s latest novel, Women of Magdalene, takes us on a journey through the post-Civil-War South in Louisiana, where a young doctor discovers a body floating in a river and grows suspicious of the local authorities who are indifferent to his discovery. Carter, who will talk about her book at the Brazos Bookstore’s Local Authors Days, first speaks with Catherine Lu. Listen. Download.

Another of the regional writers featured at the Brazos Bookstore’s Local Authors Day on Saturday is arts journalist, critic and editor Cynthia Greenwood, who is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Shakespeare’s Plays. She speaks with St. John Flynn about her newest addition to the series of books known as The Complete Idiot’s Guides. Listen. Download.

This weekend eight playwrights and eights theatrical production teams will be asked to create a stage play from conception to finished performance in exactly 24 hours in the Country Playhouse’s Madcap 24 Festival.   Producer John Dunn of Country Playhouse, Brandon Dinklage, founding Artistic Director of Melusine, and Managing Director of Shunya Theatre Sanjay Mediwala speak with Bob Stevenson about the theater competition. Listen. Download.