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The Front Row

The Front Row, Tuesday, 7/08/2008

Performer-coaches from the American Festival for the Arts play portions of Igor Stravinsky's Octet for Winds and cast-members from the University of Houston's Children's Theatre production of The Emperor's New Clothes gather in Studio 3-C for a preview…


Eight of the Faculty artists from the American Festival for the Arts are led by conductor James Tapia in a performance of the Octet for Winds by Igor Stravinsky in anticipation of the 2008 AFA Conservatory Orchestra and Faculty Artists Concert.  Listen.  Download.

Houston journalist Kathryn Casey has worked for two decades as a crime reporter and is now the author of a new murder-mystery novel called Singularity. She discussed her latest work with KUHF’s Rod Rice.  Listen.  Download.

Cast-members from the University of Houston’s Children’s Theatre production of The Emperor’s New Clothes gather in KUHF’s Performance Studio for a preview of their latest production. KUHF’s Bob Stevenson hosts.  Listen.  Download.