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The Front Row

The Front Row, Thursday, 6/26/2008

Today, we hear a live performance from two faculty artists from the Texas Music Festival, Eduardo Costa and Joao Paulo Figueiroa, who give us a live preview of their tandem solo recitals.  Also, Artistic and Executive Director Michael Remson, guest conductor Barbara Scowcroft of the Utah Symphony, and the American Festival for the Arts Faculty String Quartet, tells about the AFA's summer music training camp for younger kids and sample some of camp's artistry…


Joao Figueiroa, a Doctoral Candidate at Florida State University in Tallahassee, and Eduardo Costa are two faculty-artists of the Texas Music Festival’s “Classical Minds” Guitar Festival who will perform tandem solo recitals Friday evening.  They perform live for us and speak with St. John Flynn in Studio 3-C.   Listen.  Download.

This weekend the AFA students and faculty artists will put on a full weekend of concerts, tomorrow evening at the Rothko Chapel and the debut performance by the 2008 AFA Conservatory Orchestra, Saturday afternoon in the University of Houston’s Moores Opera House.  Composer Michael Remson, Executive and Artistic Director of the AFA, guest conductor Barbara Scowcroft of the Utah Symphony, and four members of the 2008 AFA Faculty String Quartet speak with St. John Flynn and perform for us.  Listen.  Download.