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Film Review: “Wanted”

(Universal Pictures. Rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, pervasive language and some sexuality. Directed by Timur Bekmambetov.) James McAvoy (Wesley Gibson), Morgan Freeman (Sloan), Angelina Jolie (Fox), Common (The Gunsmith), Kristen Hager (Cathy), Terence Stamp (Pekwar), Thomas Kretschmann (Cross). Music by Danny Elfman.

The story is based on the series of graphic novels by Mark Millar. Wesley Gibson is a disaffected, cube-dwelling drone. His boss chews him out regularly, and his girlfriend complains about the crummy apartment they share. Time plods on for Wesley, until he meets an intriguing, tattooed woman named Fox. After his estranged father is murdered, Wes is recruited by Fox into The Fraternity, a secret society led by a man named Sloan. Wes goes through sometimes-brutal training in order to unlock dormant powers and avenge his father’s death. I liked it overall, it manages to maintain a certain (here’s that word again) snarky tone, but some of the training scenes are too bloody for my taste. Heed the R rating; not for young kids. Elfman’s score is less grand and symphonic than his best-known music for Batman, etc. It’s more in-your-face, action-oriented, relying on electronic effects. This movie will find an audience that isn’t interested in WALL-E for whatever reason, but I predict the film about a lonely little robot will stomp Wanted at the weekend box office.