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DVD Review: “The Big Gay Sketch Show (The Complete Unrated First Season)”

(Logo/Paramount. 2 discs. 6 episodes. Not Rated. 131 minutes. Full screen. Various directors.)

Comedy series from the Logo channel, which was launched by MTV Networks and is geared to the gay & lesbian audience. Talented 8-member cast capably works material that ends up a mixed bag, as do most shows of this type. Most successful are the bits based on classic TV series (The Facts of Life, All in the Family, and The Honeymooners get lampooned). Recurring characters range from the good (Little Fitzwilliam, the English boy who wants to be a girl), to the OK (Logo Life Tips with Chad Michael and Michael Chad), to the lame (The Gay Werewolf was OK one time). Also skewered are current TV icons (Rachael Ray and Tyra Banks). Look for the clever “Lesbian Speed Dating” and “Elaine Stritch” as the new Wal-Mart greeter. The real Stritch pops up in Season Two, also being released on April 29. Rosie O’Donnell is the executive producer of the series.