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DVD Review: “The True Story of Charlie Wilson”

(A&E Home Video. 2008. Color. 94 minutes. Directed by David Keane.)

Documentary is interesting companion piece to the Oscar-nominated Charlie Wilson’s War, which starred Tom Hanks, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Julia Roberts as the real-life Texas Congressman, outcast CIA agent, and Houston socialite who joined forces to mastermind a $300 million covert arming of the Afghan Mujahideen and their subsequent defeat of the invading Soviet Army in the late 1980s. Documentary covers much the same ground as the feature film, of course, but also adds archival and current footage from the real Wilson and Herring, expert interviews, and dramatization. The real Wilson comes across as quite the charmer; you believe his reputation as the booze-and-broads, “good time Charlie.” (Leaving public office after 24 years, he became a lobbyist; now retired at 74, he lives in Lufkin and received a heart transplant last fall.)