The Front Row

The Front Row, Monday, 4/14/2008

We talk about the music of Elliot Carter with the violist from the Pacifica Quartet and celebrate Houston's musical "Power Couples" with a live preview of an upcoming concert by the Greenbriar Consortium in addition to taking a walk through an exhibition of pictures of Tibetan culture being featured at FotoFest…

Masumi Per Rostad is the violist of the Pacifica Quartet. He talks about Elliot Carterm, his music and the recital the ensemble will play at the Menil Collection for Da Camera of Houston.  Listen.  Download.

Clarinetist David Peck is a member of the Houston Symphony and is married to pianist Edie Orloff. They are one of the three “Power Couples” — marriend partners who are both professional musicians performing as members of the Greenbriar Consortium and on the next Channing Concert. They perform in KUHF’s Studio 3-C.  Listen.  Download.

We take a walk through Laura Rathe Fine Art Gallery with Annie Peng and KUHF’s Meghan Hendley. The photographs are by Zhi Chao Liu and part of the exhibition Tibet: Holy People, Holy Land, Holy Architecture which is part of the 2008 edition of FotoFest.  Listen.  Download.