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DVD Review: “The Love Boat (Season One, Volume One)”

(CBS/Paramount. 1977. 10 hours. Not Rated. 3 Discs. 12 episodes. Various directors.) Gavin MacLeod (Your Captain), Bernie Kopell (Your Ship’s Doctor), Fred Grandy (Gopher, Your Yeoman Purser), Ted Lange (Isaac, Your Bartender), and Lauren Tewes (Julie, Your Cruise Director).

Set sail on the “high-larious” seas with Captain Stubing, the rest of the wacky crew, and a boatload of guest stars! Have fun with this cavalcade of B, C, and D-listers such as Suzanne Somers, Scott Baio, Eva Gabor, Dick Sargent, Michele Lee, Hermione Baddeley, Kristy McNichol, Dennis Cole, and don’t forget Charo…the list goes on and on. (Hey, is that Bob Urich?) Each hour-long show weaved three plots together as our intrepid sailors tried to sort out passengers’ romantic problems…and sometimes indulged in a little romance themselves (“Doc” was portrayed as the ship’s Lothario…never quite got that one). Pleasant family fare. (Wow! It’s Gary Burghoff!) No extras except for episode promos. (Hey Paramount…you might want to proofread the next volume’s liner notes. It’s Paul Williams, not John Williams, who co-wrote the theme song.)