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DVD Review: “Bobby Deerfield”

(Sony. 1977/2008. 124 minutes. 1 Disc. Color. Widescreen. Rated PG for nudity. Directed by Sydney Pollack.) Al Pacino, Marthe Keller, Anny Duperey, Romolo Valli, Stephen Meldegg. Music by Dave Grusin. Available 3/11.

If Al hadn’t starred in this one, it would have been strictly art-house. Moody, offbeat film has Pacino, the only American actor, starring as a famous Formula One race-car driver on the European circuit. He’s estranged from his family, his celebrity, and even his French lover (Duperey, frosty in the way only the French seem to be), even though they live together. He just isn’t…there. A chance meeting with a Italian woman, Louisa (played by the strapping Swiss actress Keller), and Bobby’s shell begins to crack…very slowly. Problem is, Louisa’s dying. Movie’s a mixed bag…Pacino’s a little too low-key here (the one or two times he smiles, you’re startled), and Keller’s so annoying for half the film one wonders why he falls for her. Movie’s strong on visuals, though (you can’t go wrong with the Italian countryside), and moments here and there make it watchable for Al fans. Trivia: Pacino and Keller (best known for her work opposite Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man around the same time) had a well-publicized affair in real life. No extras, but there’s a sneak peek of Al’s new movie 88 Minutes, opening in April.