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DVD Review: “Blackout”

(BET/Paramount. 2007. 95 minutes. Color. Widescreen. Not Rated. Directed by Jerry Lamothe.) Zoe Saldana, Latanya Richardson-Jackson, Sean Blakemore, Jamie Hector, Michael B. Jordan, Saul Rubinek, Melvin van Peebles, Jeffrey Wright.

When I was a kid I lived through the northeast blackout of 1965; a few years later came a spoof starring Doris Day (one of her last efforts) called Where Were You When The Lights Went Out? The 2003 northeast eight-state power outage has spawned this drama by Spike-Lee-wannabe Jerry Lamothe centering on the residents of Flatbush, Brooklyn; it’s no spoof, but more reminiscent of early Spike. If you can get past the sistas and the men who do them wrong and young man with promise meets his predictable fate cliches, there are a few moments worth savoring. Nice to see blaxploitation-era veteran van Peebles on screen again, here as a janitor at risk of being fired by his boss (Rubinek). It remains to be seen whether Lamothe will make his way out of Spike’s old neighborhood and move on up to the East Side.