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DVD Review: “The Young Indian Jones Chronicles, Volume One (The Early Years)”

(Paramount Home Video. 1992/2007. 12 Discs. Color. Full Screen. 649 minutes. Not Rated. Various directors.) Sean Patrick Flanery, Corey Carrier, Lloyd Owen, Margaret Tyzack. Music by Lawrence Rosenthal and Joel McNeely.

Indy is back, before he even got started. This delightful new box set is a must for any Indiana Jones fan. As if opening a book from the past, this 12-disc set is presented as a continuously-folding book holding two DVDs per page. If you’re waiting for Mr. Flanery, you’ll have to sit tight for about seven episodes while Master Corey Carrier takes the role of Henry Jones, Jr. (His growth spurt between the first and second parts of disc one is a bit confusing.) I’m not sure how they were presented on TV, but the flow of these shows seem lengthy, with each episode in two parts with no real sign of a commerical pause. That’s a nice surprise as opposed to other TV shows on video which stop and start. The action and acting get better as the series progresses; at first you feel like you’re watching a Hallmark family special, with little action; once Flanery comes in, things pick up considerably. Producers George Lucas and Rick McCallum, no strangers to the craft, deliver breathtaking vistas. They brought an impressive roster of creative types on board, including David Tattersall (cinematographer), Ben Burtt (editor, not sound this time), and composers Rosenthal and McNeely, to name a few. (Many of the crew came together again seven years later to make the Star Wars prequels.) Fans of the world’s favorite archeologist are waiting for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to arrive in theaters next summer; in the meantime, we have this set (and the 10-disc set Part Two, The War Years, will be in stores December 18).