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DVD Review: “Seinfeld: Season 9”

(Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. 1997-8/2007. 4 Discs. Not Rated. Full Screen. 553 minutes. Various directors.) Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander. Guest stars include James Spader, Larry Thomas, Teri Hatcher, Lloyd Bridges, Geraldo Rivera, Gordon Jump, Mario Joyner, many others.

Seinfeld made the right decision to turn down $18 billion or something and end his iconic series after this ninth season. The longtime mainstay of NBC’s Thursday-night Must-See TV of the 90s had been showing its age: episodes, on average, were not as inspired as the series-peak 4th season (The Contest, The Junior Mint, etc.). Still, even mediocre Seinfeld was usually better than most anything else on TV at the time. I still love Jerry Stiller’s Regis-like explosions as George’s dad (Serenity now!) and Patrick Warburton’s blank stare as Elaine’s on-again-off-again (sometimes in the same day) boyfriend Puddy. Good episodes here include The Slicer (Kramer finds unusual uses for his new meat slicer), The Apology (good-naked vs. bad-naked), and The Betrayal (the backwards episode). Of course the still-controversial two-part series finale is included (and no, I still don’t like it). Special features (13 hours worth!) include audio commentaries, deleted scenes, cast and crew reminiscences, and my favorite, Sein-Imation (animated versions of classic scenes). It’s a Festivus for the rest of us.