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DVD Review: “Creature Comforts America”

(Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. 2007. 2 Discs. 169 minutes. Widescreen. Color. Not Rated. Directed by Merlin Crossingham and Dave Osmand. Theme by Steve Earle.)


Aardman Animation, makers of the claymation series Wallace and Gromit and the film Chicken Run, traveled around the country interviewing average Americans about their lives. The fun begins when they take the interviews out of context and put them in the mouths of talking animals, which makes for some very interesting non sequiturs. (For example, two men talking about tasting and smelling wine become two small dogs sniffing each other’s behind.) The humor is very quirky, the clay animation is superb (to be expected from this studio), and the characters are charmingly offbeat. My personal favorites were the Toucan & Gecko in Hawaii and the K9 Cops from Mississippi. It took an episode or two to get a feel for it, which is too bad since there are only seven episodes. There’s a UK version available on DVD, just in case you can’t get enough. Special features include deleted scenes, alternate versions of the characters, and a featurette of the animators acting out some of the scenes. It’s a shame CBS didn’t give this show more of a chance.

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