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DVD Review: “Flashdance (Special Collector’s Edition)”

(Paramount. 1983/2007. 2 Discs. Widescreen. Color. Rated R. Directed by Adrian Lyne.) Jennifer Beals, Michael Nouri, Belinda Bauer, Lilia Skala. Original Music by Giorgio Moroder. Music Supervised by Phil Ramone.

Wait a minute…where’s my torn sweatshirt and leg warmers? Outstanding repackaging of the ’80s dance superhit. Improbable story (female welder in Pittsburgh is an exotic dancer by night, and even though she has no formal dance training, is encourged to try out for the local ballet school). Movie works because of the exciting dance numbers and music, plus Lyne’s unerring eye for setting up a scene. The first disc contains the movie plus many featurettes, and the second is actually a CD with six of the movie’s song hits (including the Oscar-winner What A Feeling). So Paramount actually spent money on extras? They must have heard my complaints. I was most surprised to learn that the climactic number – the dance school audition – was edited together from the performances of four people: Beals, dance double Marine Jahan, a female gymnast, and a male break-dancer who wore a wig and leotard but wouldn’t trim his moustache! We also hear from Lyne, Nouri, and many of the other cast members…but Ms. Beals is MIA. If you like ’80s nostalgia, you’d have to be a Maniac to miss this top-notch set.