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DVD Review: “The Odd Couple: The Second Season”

(CBS/Paramount. 1971-72/2007. 4 Discs. Not Rated. 9 hours, 46 minutes. Color. Various directors.) Tony Randall, Jack Klugman, Janis Hansen, Joan Hotchkis, Brett Somers, Penny Marshall. Theme by Neal Hefti.

Felix and Oscar are back for season two, no laugh track this time. Not that they needed it, as this 5-season series got better each year. The daffy Pigeon Sisters are gone, and the poker buddies only appear a couple of times (Murray the Cop being the only frequently-recurring character). The emphasis is on Oscar’s relationship with his girlfriend Dr. Nancy (Hotchkis) and his ex-wife Blanche (Somers, Klugman’s real-life wife, who passed away September 2007 at 83). Felix spends more time trying to woo his ex-wife Gloria (Hansen). A very young David Steinberg pops up in one episode (he was doing a talk show at the time). An also-young Penny Marshall pops up as Oscar’s secretary. Look for a couple of Felix-Oscar backstory episodes: Speak For Yourself (Oscar tells Murray how he and Felix first met) and A Night to Dismember (Oscar and Blanche tell different versions of the night they split up). Classic. No extras (remember, this is Paramount).