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DVD Review: “The Intruder”

(Buena Vista Home Entertainment. 1961/2007. 1 Disc. Rated PG-13. B&W. Full Screen. 83 minutes. Directed by Roger Corman.) William Shatner, Frank Maxwell, Beverly Lunsford, Robert Emhardt, Leo Gordon, Charles Barnes, Charles Beaumont, Katherine Smith, George Clayton Johnson, Jeanne Cooper. Music by Herman Stein.

Surprising dramatic entry from Corman (see Eat My Dust review, below)…and one of his few movies to lose money. Based on a novel by Charles Beaumont, one of the creative forces behind The Twilight Zone TV series. It’s refreshing to see Shatner (then unknown and toiling in guest spots on episodic television) remind us that he could act at one point, several years before he adapted the Captain Kirk quirks. He plays a slick, charismatic white supremacist who stirs up trouble in a small Southern town still dealing with the newly-passed desegregation laws. Young, handsome, and charming, he ingratiates himself with the white citizens, and isn’t above seducing a neighbor’s wife and a high school girl to get what he wants. Standont scenes include Shatner’s speech on the courthouse steps, and the KKK drive through town is menacing. Movie is of its time, but effective. Too bad the print here is terrible: scratchy, missing frames, etc. One featurette with Shatner and Corman is included.