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DVD Review: “Wild Hogs”

(Touchstone Home Entertainment. 2007. Widescreen. 1 Disc. Color. Rated PG-13. Directed by Walt Becker.) Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy, Marisa Tomei, Jill Hennessy, Ray Liotta, John C. McGinley. Music by Teddy Castellucci.

These Hogs are anything but wild. Allen, Travolta, Lawrence, and Macy bring a lot of star power to this pleasant-enough story of four middle-aged guys who take their motorcycles out on a weeklong road trip. Unfortunately, they’re hog-tied by a predictable script and flabby direction by Becker (National Lampoon’s Van Wilder). Lots of gay jokes. Tomei’s a waitress who falls for the reticent Macy; Liotta has a few bright moments as a rival biker. You’ll see plenty of McGinley (TV’s Scrubs) as a lonely highway patrolman. Extras include yuk-yuk featurettes such as How To Get Your Wife To Buy You A Motorcycle, plus deleted scenes and outtakes. These talented actors needed a better project.