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DVD Review: “3:10 to Yuma”

(Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. 1957. 1 Disc. 92 minutes. Not rated. Directed by Delmer Daves.) Van Heflin, Glenn Ford, Felicia Farr. Music by George Duning.

Digitially remastered, classic Western thriller with very good performances, beautiful scenery. Ben Wade (Ford) is finally captured after he and his vicious gang of criminals have terrorized the Southern Railroad of Arizona. A desperately poor rancher, Dan Evans (Heflin) accepts $200 to escort Wade to the train which will take them to the state prison in Yuma. The two leads are well-matched in what becomes an intense psychological thriller. It’s always fun to see Ford as a bad guy…he’s one of those actors whose reputation today doesn’t equal many of his contemporaries, but he was certainly popular in his day (he died last year at 90). A remake is due September 7th with Christian Bale as Evans and Russell Crowe as Wade (a trailer is included here).