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DVD Review: “Dynasty: The Second Season”

(CBS/Paramount. 1981-82. 6 Discs. 1,058 minutes. Not Rated. Various directors.) John Forsythe, Linda Evans, Joan Collins, John James, Pamela Sue Martin, Al Corley, Lloyd Bochner, James Farentino, Heather Locklear, Pamela Bellwood. Theme by Bill Conti.

Sherman’s got me in the Wayback Machine again, and we’re traveling to a time of stinking-rich nutjobs in huge mansions, wearing big shoulder pads, bigger hair, glittering gowns, frolicking in exotic locations, and…doctors driving DeLoreans? I got it! It’s 1981 and the second season of Dynasty: when Collins (Alexis) and Locklear (Sammy Jo) joined the cast of the battling Carringtons and Colbys, and the show actually became good. Poor Heather: breathing must have been discouraged when she was fitted for her ultra-tight costumes. But let’s face it: this show belonged to the women from here on in. Scheming Alexis, pouting Krystle (Evans), bratty Fallon (Martin), psycho Claudia (Bellwood), and slutty Sammy Jo come off far better than the guys, but I’m reminded that Jeff (James) and Steven (Corley) were some serious eye candy. (Fallon, cheating on Jeff? She must have been insane…if I were married to that guy, I wouldn’t leave the house.) A fun revisit to the heyday of nighttime soaps. No extras.