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DVD Review: “An Officer and a Gentleman (Special Collector’s Edition)”

(Paramount. 1982/2007. 1 Disc. Color. Widescreen. Rated R. 124 minutes. Directed by Taylor Hackford.) Richard Gere, Debra Winger, David Keith, Robert Loggia, Lisa Blount, Lisa Eilbacher, Louis Gossett Jr. Music by Jack Nitzsche.

Somebody cue “Up Where We Belong”. This 25th-anniversary edition will remind you what a good movie this is on all levels…especially if you haven’t seen it for a long time (or only in edited-to-death broadcast versions). It’s sexier than I remembered…also funnier. But don’t worry – Louis Gossett (in his Oscar-winning performance) still kicks butt as the Marine drill sergeant making life difficult for Gere, Keith, Eilbacher and the other Navy officer candidates. Enjoyable extras include interviews with the present-day cast; Gossett’s return to the filming location (a picturesque town on beautiful Puget Sound near Seattle); and Gere, in a featurette on the music, talking about how he disliked filming the famous final scene where he shows up at Winger’s paper factory and literally sweeps her off her feet…until he saw it with the score. He shouldn’t have worried: music or no, he looks perfect in that white uniform. Set sail with this edition of Officer.