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DVD Review: “Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael”

(Paramount. 1990. Color. 96 minutes. Widescreen. Rated PG-13. Directed by Jim Abrahams.) Winona Ryder, Jeff Daniels, Laila Robins, Dinah Manoff. Music by Thomas Newman.

Early Ryder vehicle (from the Heathers/Mermaids era) is worth a revisit. She plays Dinky Bossetti, the high-school outsider in Clyde, Ohio — hometown of celebrity Roxy Carmichael, who’s returning home for the first time in 15 years. While most are anxiously awaiting the star’s return, a few have mixed feelings: her former rival (Manoff); her old boyfriend (Daniels), with whom she had a child and gave it up; and Dinky, who thinks she might be Roxy’s long-lost daughter. Ryder and Daniels have the only two substantial roles here, and they’re both good. Subtle score by Newman (who would also support Ryder a few years later in Little Women).