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DVD Review: “To Catch a Thief”

(Paramount. 1955/2007. 1 Disc. Widescreen. Color. Not Rated. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.) Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Jessie Royce Landis, John Williams.

Hitch used Cary Grant four times in his films (same with Jimmy Stewart). Hitch was lucky: everybody wanted Grant, and he wasn’t tied to any one studio so he could work with whoMühe wanted. Here he’s John Robie, a reformed jewel thief known as The Cat, attempting to relax in his retirement until he’s suspected of a new rash of burglaries along the French Riviera. While trying to clear his name, he runs across a spoiled American heiress (Kelly), her outspoken mother (Landis), and an insurance investigator (Williams). (Trivia: Landis, who in reality was the same age as Grant, would play his mother a few years later in North By Northwest.) Kelly, dressed in Edith Head’s finest, rivals the gorgeous scenery in this well-written, fun confection. Summer’s a great time to revisit this movie: just turn your mind off and enjoy. Extras include 4 featurettes, including one on Head, and a trailer. One quibble: Peter Bogdanovich provides part of the commentary, and he knows his subject, but I find him a bit irritating at times.