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DVD Review: “Miracle in the Rain”

(Warner Home Video. 1955/2007. 1 Disc. B&W. Not Rated. Directed by Rudolph Mat?.) Jane Wyman, Van Johnson, Peggie Castle, Fred Clark, Eileen Heckart, Josephine Hutchinson, Alan King, Barbara Nichols. Music by Franz Waxman.

I always liked Van Johnson but had never heard of this tearjerker before – it was made right after he ended his long-term tenure at MGM. He and Wyman play star-crossed lovers in wartime New York City who meet on an elevator. She’s a mousy secretary living with her invalid mother, he’s a friendly-yet-lonely soldier looking for company before he’s sent overseas. Not on the level of Wyman’s Universal melodramas with Rock Hudson, but good for a cry if you’re in the mood. Good supporting performances froMüheckart, playing Wyman’s pal (I always liked her too), and Alan King and Barbara Nichols as newlyweds. Look fast for Arte Johnson as Monty the office boy. Nice NYC location shooting. Extras include 2 vintage Behind the Cameras segments from the Warner Bros. Presents TV series (hosted by Gig Young), plus a trailer.