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DVD Review: “The Odd Couple: The First Season”

(Paramount Home Entertainment. 1970-71/2007. 5 Discs. 24 episodes. 10 hours, 11 minutes. Not Rated. Various directors.) Jack Klugman, Tony Randall. Theme music by Neal Hefti.

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar…how could you? My little sister’s favorite show; I’m glad she made me and my brother watch it, as it became one of my favorites too. Two divorced men share a New York apartment: Oscar Madison (Klugman), sportswriter, girl-chaser, and slob; Felix Unger (Randall), photographer, gourmand, opera-lover, hypochondriac, and neatnik. Neil Simon’s hit stage play became a successful movie which became this popular TV show which lasted 4 seasons in first-run, and much longer in syndication. Klugman (who turned 85 last week) and Randall (who died in 2004 at age 83) became so identified with the characters, they played them in commercials, and also went on tour with the stage play for several years in the late 80s to mid 90s. Each episode here has a brief audio introduction by series creator Garry Marshall (who, along with his sister Penny, appeared on the show occasionally). Extras include original TV promos, a gag reel, TV appearances by Klugman and Randall, and a clip of the two appearing onstage in the stage play in 1993. Look for Season Two to arrive in August.