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DVD Review: “Essential Classics: Romances”

(Warner Home Video. 4 Discs. 2007. B&W/Color. Rated G.) Gone With The Wind (1939, dir. Victor Fleming, music by Max Steiner), Casablanca (1943, dir. Michael Curtiz, music by Steiner), Doctor Zhivago (1965, dir. David Lean, music by Maurice Jarre).

Even Jane Fonda would admit that one of the smartest things her ex-husband Ted Turner ever did was purchase the MGM/UA, RKO, and pre-1948 Warner Bros. film libraries in the 1980s. Thus were many cable channels born…and many home video re-packagings. The latest is a series of five box sets released in time for Mother’s Day called The Essential Classics Collections, of which Romances is one. I don’t need to talk up the individual movies here (I hope), just know that these are the same remastered versions (and same extras) released previously, without the bonus discs (or in the case of GWTW, without discs 3 and 4). A good bargain box to have if you don’t already own these essential classics on DVD.