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DVD Review: “Do Not Disturb”

(20th Century Fox Cinema Classics Collection. 1965. Color. Widescreen. 102 minutes. Not rated. Directed by Ralph Levy.) Doris Day, Rod Taylor, Hermione Baddeley, Sergio Fantoni. Music by Mort Garson.


Fox has just released this along with Caprice and Move Over, Darling, two other mid-60s comedies starring Day. Of the three, go with Darling (review to follow). Fox did a good job with repackaging: all have been digitally remastered and include extras, some more interesting than the movies themselves. Do Not Disturb goes off the track pretty quickly, due to the weak script, amateurish music, and clumsy direction by Levy (who had helmed the pilot of I Love Lucy…that’s it, I think he thought he was directing Lucy). Day and Taylor work hard, but the comedy is just too broad…even for a movie like this. They play a married American couple adjusting to life in London; he’s getting a little too close to his secretary, so she flirts with a Continental charmer (Fantoni, who isn’t so charming). A lot of stuff about American, British, and European stereotypes are thrown in for humor. Plus Doris changes clothes a lot (which almost seems the point of the exercise).