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DVD Review: “Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead Man’s Chest”

(Walt Disney Home Entertainment, 2006. Widescreen. 2 Discs. 150 minutes. Rated PG-13.) Directed by Gore Verbinski. Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Jack Davenport, Bill Nighy. Music by Hans Zimmer.


I still have some mixed feelings on this movie, even though I saw it around the time it opened. It had action, adventure, humor, pirates, a man with a squid for a beard, some romance, but it felt like it lacked a little something. Oh, I remember: an ending. When you’re already two hours into a movie and it is still setting up new plot threads, you know you’re either going to be there a while longer, or you’re going to walk away a bit disappointed. This is not to say that it was a bad movie. On the contrary, it was good, but it was all “middle.” As for the DVD, it is jam-packed with extra content to the point of being excessive. Audio commentary by the film’s writers and a blooper reel accompany the film on disc 1. Disc 2 is filled with features both really good (the actors’ sword training, the clothing and creation of Captain Jack Sparrow, the creation of Davy Jones and the Kraken) and not so good (the preproduction and filming of the movie, the re-imagining of the DisneyWorld attraction on which the movie is based). Now we just have to wait until this summer to see how the rest plays out.

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