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DVD Review: “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

(Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2006. Color. Widescreen. 1 Disc. 93 Minutes. Rated PG.) Directed by Chris Paine, narrated by Martin Sheen.


I was still wondering who killed off the flying car, but I guess that’s another film altogether. A very thought-provoking and compelling documentary that sets out to answer the title question. It showcases a good mix of interviews with industry insiders, politicians and a small but passionate group of former electric car owners (one of whom is the director). Though there are no clear-cut answers (and honestly, when are there?), the film leaves us with a list of suspects ranging from oil companies to the government and even consumers like ourselves. It doesn’t delve too far into any far-flung conspiracy theories, which is definitely in its favor. I was rather surprised to see how little the film itself addressed the gas/electric hybrid vehicles on the market now, but those are covered more in-depth in the included featurette Jump-Starting the Future, which outlines new and upcoming technologies that are available in the electric car’s absence. Other special features include a handful of deleted scenes; a music video by Meeky Rosie of the movie’s theme song “Forever”; and a bunch of previews for other movies (16 by my count).

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