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Houston Public Media wants to ensure that members feel comfortable and secure in their use of this website. As a demonstration of our commitment to user privacy and security, we have disclosed our privacy policy below. While we make a legitimate effort to ensure your privacy and the security of any information that you provide to us, we urge you to remember that privacy and security begin with you. You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of any passwords or password reminders and should exercise caution when disclosing information online.



Linking to or framing of any material on this site without the prior written consent of Houston Public Media is prohibited. To inquire about linking rights, contact



The registration process for Houston Public Media requires you to provide personal information, such as your name and contact information. This information is collected for Houston Public Media by Convio, Inc., the company that powers this website. This information may be used by employees or members of Houston Public Media to contact you via telephone, mail or e-mail. Your e-mail address may also be used by Convio, Inc. to send you your username and password should you forget them. Convio, Inc. will not disclose, trade, rent, lease or loan your name or other personal identification information to any party other than Houston Public Media.



If you choose to make an on-line donation to Houston Public Media, you may be asked for account or credit card billing information, including the name on the donor’s card, billing address and expiration date. All of this information is encrypted using SSL, industry standard secure technology encryption that is designed to protect sensitive information. Your communication is authenticated using Verisign certificates. The account and credit card information that you provide at the time of donation is stored only for the duration of the transaction, typically a few minutes. Once the transaction is processed, the information is overwritten in order to ensure that it will be inaccessible. The account and credit card information that you provide at the time of donation is used only to process donations and will not be disclosed, sold, traded, rented or otherwise revealed to the personnel of Houston Public Media or any other third party without your consent.



Houston Public Media is a non-profit organization, not a retailer. Houston Public Media spends a significant amount of money on thank you gifts, and we want you to be happy with your support of Houston Public Media and your gift(s). However, please remember that every item includes a donation in support of Houston Public Media programming. The item(s) you have requested are our way of thanking you for giving. It is our strong preference that you do not request a refund of your charitable gift.



Unopened items returned within 45 days of the original shipment are eligible for a full donation refund less shipping.

Opened items returned within 45 days of the original shipment will be replaced if defective.

Items returned to Houston Public Media beyond 45 days from original shipment are not eligible for a donation refund.

Donation refunds are made in the same payment type as the original transaction. Questions or concerns may be directed to Houston Public Media Donor Services at or 713.743.8483.



Outright gifts of cash and cash equivalents are voluntary, irrevocable contributions to a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Automated, ongoing contributions can be stopped after a written request, either by mail or email, is received and we are given ample time to act upon that request.



It is station policy never to sell, rent or share any information we gather from you.   Visitors to may voluntarily supply personal information for the purposes of entering contests, when sending email, signing up for email newsletter, e-commerce transactions, donation transactions and conducting surveys or polls. The Stations may use this information for its own internal use solely to conduct the stated activities. In the instance when certain information is required for a particular activity it will be explicitly stated and explained at the time of submission.  For more information, please contact Member Services at 713.743.8483 or



An IP address is a number assigned to your computer automatically when you use the Internet. When you use the Houston Public Media website, technical information from your PC, such as IP addresses and browser version, may be communicated to Convio, Inc. This information will not be linked to anything that identifies your personally and is not used to track the activities of individual users of the site. This information may be used to help Houston Public Media improve the look and function of this website but will not be collected or aggregated into personal profiles for use or sale.



Cookies are files that Web browsers place on your computer’s hard drive to tell the server whether you have visited this site previously. Our site uses persistent cookies to save your password so you do not have to re-enter it each time you log in. These cookies do not store information such as passwords and credit card numbers. If you do not wish to utilize cookies in conjunction with this website, you may choose to remove them by deactivating the “Remember Me” feature in your personal profile.



The Houston Public Media site may contain links to other sites. These links are provided to help you find information, products or services that are of interest to you. Houston Public Media and Convio, Inc. are not responsible for, and make no representation regarding, the privacy practices or content of these sites. You should check the policy statement of these others web sites to understand their policies.



Convio, Inc. offers registered users a means to de-activate their records. If, at any time after registering for information or making a donation, you change your mind about receiving information from Houston Public Media, you can deactivate your account by contacting Houston Public Media via e-mail, telephone or written letter. For legal and accounting purposes, your donation records will remain in the organization database, but your login and your e-mail address will be deactivated.



As a registered user, you are able to update or edit your personal contact information by logging on to the Houston Public Media page and editing your personal profile.



We want to provide a safe and secure experience to our site users. Convio, Inc., the company that powers our website, uses customary and commercially reasonable security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the data under their control. Convio, Inc. security measures include, but are not limited to, industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, Verisign certificates, firewalls, and internal policies to maintain the security of stored data. Access to personal contact information and donation records is granted only to the registered user and authorized Houston Public Media personnel. Convio, Inc. provides unique user names and passwords that must be provided each time an authorized user logs on. Users can provide this information through the use of cookies while authorized Houston Public Media personnel may only access donation records and contact information by manually entering their unique password. These safeguards help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of personal information and records. Additionally, financial information, including account numbers and credit card billing information, is encrypted with SSL technology during transmission and is not stored beyond the duration of the transaction. This financial information is not accessible to employees of Houston Public Media, Convio, Inc. or any other third party. If your credit card information is stolen and used by a third party, under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50 of fraudulent credit card charges. In the event of unauthorized credit card use, or if your card is lost or stolen, you must notify your credit card provider immediately in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.



For site management functions, information is collected for analysis and statistical purposes. This information is not reported or used in any manner that would reveal personally identifiable information, and will not be released to any outside parties unless legally required to do so in connection with law enforcement investigations or other legal proceedings. We use log analysis tools to create summary statistics, which are used for purposes such as assessing what information is of most interest, determining technical design specifications, and identifying system performance or problem areas.



Questions regarding this statement or the practices of this site should be directed to the Houston Public Media security administrator by e-mailing such questions to