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Houston Public Media connects our community with the click of a button. Download the latest news and information OR escape with classical music and featured performances from around town. Download the Houston Public Media App today available for iOS and Android.

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We put all three of our streams front-and-center so they’re easier to access.

All of our streams, front-and-center
All of our streams, front-and-center

Radio Schedules

See what’s airing now, or what’s coming up later.

Schedules in the Houston Public Media mobile app
All of our radio schedules available at a tap

Open Mic

Use your mobile device to share an audio message with the Houston Matters team.

Open Mic audio recorder in the Houston Public Media mobile app
Press “Record” to record your message for the Houston Matters team. (You will be prompted to allow the app to use your microphone.)


View all of our podcasts, and listen to the latest episodes.

Podcasts in the Houston Public Media mobile app
All of our podcasts in one place

Push Notifications

You can now receive breaking news updates and other messages directly to your phone (if you want). You can also control what categories of notifications you want to receive in the Settings.

Notification preferences in the Houston Public Media mobile app
Select “Settings” from the left-hand menu, and “Notification Preferences” to manage which categories you’re subscribed to.

Automobile Support

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support are now built into the app*.

* Note: usage of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay require support within your car’s entertainment system. Please consult your owner’s manual.