Houston Public Media Foundation


The Houston Public Media Foundation serves to secure the financial future of Houston Public Media and to cultivate and engage community resources to support its mission of opening minds, changing lives and enriching the quality of life in Southeast Texas.

The Houston Public Media Foundation, a Houston-based non-profit organization, was originally incorporated in 1969 as the Association for Community Television. ACT worked in support of KUHT by holding on-air auctions, special events such as tennis and golf tournaments, and played a leading role in the capital campaign for a state-of-the-art public broadcast facility. As a result of that “Campaign for Public Broadcasting,” in May 2000, the LeRoy and Lucile Melcher Center for Public Broadcasting became the new home of KUHT and KUHF, both licensees of the University of Houston System.

In 2005 the organization was transformed into The Association for Community Broadcasting to incorporate community support and fundraising activity for both HoustonPBS and Houston Public Radio. The partnership that was created by ACB’s establishment is helping both stations meet the challenges of a changing future in the media industry. ACB created the Association for Community Broadcasting Endowment Fund in 2007 to fulfill the need for stable, long-term funding for Houston public broadcasting. In 2014, the organization was again changed to the Houston Public Media Foundation, following the consolidation of HoustonPBS and Houston Public Radio into a single organization.

The Houston Public Media Foundation assists Houston Public Media staff with fundraising efforts. In addition to personal gifts of support, Houston Public Media Foundation Board members go on calls with staff, write letters of support and serve as ambassadors for public broadcasting in the community on a local and national level. The Houston Public Media Foundation also is involved in many special events and activities that help raise funds for Houston Public Media. Board members secure sponsorships and auction items, sell tickets and serve on committees while regularly attending events for Houston Public Media.


Meeting Calendar

Houston Public Media Foundation Meeting Calendar


Board of Directors 2016-2017


  • Past Chair  –  Ron Rand
  • Chair  –  Stephen Schwarz
  • President  –  Barrett Sides
  • Secretary  –  Leslie Flynne
  • Treasurer  –  Sharon Birkman


  • George Connelly, Ex – Officio
  • Sharon Birkman
  • Aggie Foster
  • Sheila Enriquez
  • Leslie Flynne
  • Lynn Mathre
  • Ron Rand
  • Stephen Schwarz
  • M. A. Shute
  • Barrett Sides


  • Lisa Trapani Shumate  –  Executive Director and General Manager, Houston Public Media
  • Eloise Dunn Stuhr  –  Vice President for University Advancement, University of Houston


  • Julius Glickman
  • Robert Larkins
  • Patricia Laurent
  • Rollie McGinnis
  • Dennis Murphree
  • Jeffrey Stone
  • Helen Shaffer
  • Mary Fay Way
  • John White
  • Rick Wittenbraker
  • Janice Hale-Harris