TV 8 Program Services

Channel 8.1 (Comcast 8 & 608) KUHT HD is our primary channel featuring all your favorite PBS programs in High Definition, including children’s programming six days a week. View schedule.

Channel 8.2 (Comcast 323*) KUHT2 carries additional PBS programming, with children’s programming on Sundays, as well as the CREATE program service featuring How-Tos, Cooking, Crafts and more! View schedule.

Channel 8.3 (Comcast 324**) V-Me is a 24/7 Spanish language, non-commercial public television service designed to reflect public television’s mission.  View schedule.

Channel 8.4 is an audio only service that offers visually impaired members of our community the Sight Into Sound reading service. View schedule.

*Channel 8.2 is currently not available on AT&T U-verse, DirecTV or the Dish Network. Contact your service provider for more information on when they will be adding this additional digital program service.

**Vme can also be found on these providers:

Channel 440 on DirecTV

Channel 846 on DISH Network

Channel 3015 on AT&T U-verse