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  • Mission: Houston Public Media serves to empower, engage and enrich the lives of the people of southeast Texas.
  • Core Vision: Houston Public Media shall be the most trusted and valued media resource providing content and services that advance civic engagement, create an environment for learning, and encourage the exchange of diverse perspectives that will translate into economic, social and cultural value.
  • Our Values: Excellence, Integrity, Diversity, Fairness, Respect and Passion.

Houston Public Media reaches millions of viewers with quality programs about culture, arts, science, news, national/world affairs, and outstanding children's programming. Houston Public Media initiates community outreach programs and special events on topics ranging from current events to health and education. Support comes primarily through the generous contributions of viewers with additional money from grants, special events and the local business community.

Houston Public Media's stations (KUHT, TV 8; KUHF, News 88.7; KUHA, Classical 91.7) are licensed to the University of Houston System governed by the UH Board of Regents. Information concerning the governing board’s policy concerning open meetings along with specific dates, times and locations of those meetings may be found at or by calling 832-842-3444.

The Houston Public Media Foundation (formerly the Association for Community Broadcasting) is a non-profit 501(c)3 support organization which serves to secure the financial future of Houston Public Broadcasting and to cultivate and engage community resources to support its mission.

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