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UH Grad Student Unearths Previously Unknown Walt Whitman Novel

Posted on · Perhaps you remember last May (2016) on our show, we talked with Zachary Turpin, who’d just discovered a previously unknown 13-part, 47,000-word essay by Walt Whitman called Manly Health and Training. Well, he did it again. Now, the University of Houston doctoral candidate has discovered a previously unknown novel by Whitman. It’s called Life and […]

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Houston Scholar Discovers a Lost ‘Manly’ Side of Walt Whitman

Posted on · In his famous volume of poetry, Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman wrote, “Give me the splendid, silent sun with all his beams full-dazzling.” That’s the kind of free verse we’re used to reading from the celebrated American poet. But it turns out he also wrote word like this: “Guard your manly power…from all violations — this is the […]

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Gang Safety Zones and Muscles in Space: Friday’s Show (May 6, 2016)

Posted on · In 2012, Harris County began establishing “gang safety zones,” areas where — through court-issued restraining orders — selected gang members are kept from congregating. The newest such zone in Southlawn is seen by law enforcement as another piece in the city’s gang suppression strategy. It’s viewed by defense attorneys and some civil rights activists as […]