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Full Show: Kicking The Budget Can Down The Road, And NASA Scientist Jailed In Turkey (Aug. 11, 2017)

Posted on · Houston Matters learns about some creative accounting measures lawmakers are using to balance the state budget and the challenges that will create for the next legislature. And we take a closer look at the case of Serkan Golge, a Houstonian imprisoned in Turkey for more than a year.

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Thanksgiving Meal Advice: Chef Greg Martin Answers Your Questions

Posted on · When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner – we all have a role to play. Some among us take charge of the turkey and all the fixins, while others among us, well, we try to bring something to the Thanksgiving table. If it falls to you to handle the bulk of the cooking this year, you […]

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What Are You Doing This Thanksgiving?

Posted on · A few weeks back we asked you a question, “What traditions have you brought to your Thanksgiving meal, and how will you be spending it?” And we heard from quite a lot of you. Here’s just a sample of how some people will be spending their turkey day. MORE: What Traditions Have You Brought to Your […]

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Beyond the Turkey: Chefs Answer Your Thanksgiving Cooking Questions

Posted on · For Houstonians hosting Thanksgiving gatherings this year we have advice about everything from preparing the turkey, stuffing, and accompanying dishes, to healthy alternatives, to addressing guests’ dietary issues, to what to do with all the leftovers. We welcome your questions for Richard Knight, the Head Chef at Hunky Dory restaurant, and Graham Laborde, Chef of the soon-to-be […]

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How to Fry Your Turkey Without Frying Your House

Posted on · One popular turkey preparation technique every Thanksgiving is deep frying. Gary Stephenson, Regional Spokesman for State Farm Insurance, says Texas has lead the nation the last eight years in cooking fires on Thanksgiving Day, and he gives us some advice for deep frying your turkey without deep frying your house. More: Tips for safely frying […]

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Don’t Ruin Your Turkey: Thanksgiving Meal Advice from the Pros

Posted on · In case you haven’t been paying attention-surprise! – Thanksgiving is on Thursday. Many of you have already flooded the grocery stores and started prepping for your Thanksgiving meal, which may include anything from sweet potato casserole to pumpkin pie. But, let’s face it: The turkey is the real star of the show. And unless you […]