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‘Texas Blood’ Explores History Of The Borderlands Through One Ranching Family

Posted on · In his book, Texas Blood, journalist Roger D. Hodge explores the history of the Texas borderlands through the lens of seven generations of his own ranching ancestry and illuminates the brutal history of colonization, conquest, and genocide that dominated the West for centuries.

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‘Little Soldiers’ Examines Pros And Cons Of Chinese, Military-Style Approach To Education

Posted on · A journalist enrolls her son in the Chinese public school system and quickly discovers things are different from what she experienced growing up in Houston -- very different. Lenora Chu's book, Little Soldiers, examines the costs and benefits of the Chinese military-style approach to education.

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Veteran: Writing About War Isn’t the Best Therapy – But it Helps

Posted on · Houston native Brian Van Reet is a veteran of the Iraq War. While he’s written a fictionalized account of three soldiers’ experiences in Iraq called Spoils, he says writing about war isn’t necessarily the best therapy, in his opinion. He says it’s too public, and the process is too tedious. However, many veterans like him do see value […]

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When Friendliness Becomes a Disorder: Inside Williams Syndrome in ‘The Boy Who Loved Too Much’

Posted on · We’ve all known someone who seems a little too friendly. Maybe they don’t get certain social cues or boundaries. Or perhaps you’ve known someone who was too trusting or naive about people’s intentions. Well, all that pales in comparison with those who are diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, a genetic disorder that makes it biologically impossible for someone to […]

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Inadequate Fire Safety Inspections, and Astronaut Candidates: Tuesday’s Show (June 20, 2017)

Posted on · (Above: Houston’s Fire Station No. 7. Photo: Michael Hagerty, Houston Public Media)Houston buildings aren’t being inspected for fire safety regularly, and the agency within the Houston Fire Department that’s tasked with the job has inflated its inspection numbers and keeps inadequate records. That’s according to an audit of the Houston Fire Department Life Safety Bureau […]

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William Ellis: The Former Slave Who Became a Mexican Millionaire

Posted on · Guillermo Eliseo was a wealthy Mexican banker and broker who lived in New York City in the early 20 Century. But, Eliseo had a secret. He was actually born into slavery on a cotton plantation in southern Texas, and his real name was William Ellis. Maggie Martin talks with historian and author Karl Jacoby, who wrote […]